Monday, December 7, 2009

The Guinea Pig - Medication and mindfulness

The medication is not going so well again I am feeling very nautious and I am dizzy when I stand up (postural hypotension)I also have muscle twitches and shakes. In fact its quite awful and I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has tried Chlorpromazine.

I went to a compassion and mindfulness class today. The theory is that people need to be more mindful of the moment and tuning in to feelings and thoughts as we experience them. We focused on breathing and did some meditation. We also talked about being compassionate to oneself and not being self-critical and judgemental towards yourself. Something readers will know I struggle with. It was actually a good class and I am hoping some of the relaxation and meditation will help with my sleep issues.

I am just so fed up with these med changes, CC is going to try and get me an appointment with the Shrink this week to talk about what meds I should be on. I just don;t think I can handle anoter med. I have tried 15 different meds including the 3 sleeping meds. I think thats quite a lot in about 19 months. In fact I feel a bit like a guinea pig.


Anonymous said...

I guess all I can say is that there WILL be a med out there for you. It's just about finding the bloody thing. Because the most part of my care was in CAMHS, they were limited with what they could try with me because of licensing and guidelines. That was bloody frustrating after we exhausted the list of meds that they can give to an under 18. Eventually I found the one though. You will too. The psych just needs to pay a little attention to the debilitating side effects of some of them and think of you a little more when they're prescribing. Some meds aren't worth the side effects.

Anyway, don't give up, tell them how you're feeling and kick them a kick up the arse.

Take care too - that's doubley important x

Clerk said...

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