Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Need to get away.

Need to get AWAY.. to go somewhere to work out stuff in my head. To do what I want and be ME. To not have to pretend. I feel like hopping on a coach and going somewhere. Last time I decided I would go London and jumped on a coach three hours later at 5 a.m . I didn;t have anywhere to stay but stayed for three days. I like London but think somewhere quieter and less built up might be good. Plus I did some pretty ropey stuff last time in London which I don't want to repeat..I think..Ha...

Hmmm,,,,,I don't know..Have that weird feeling ..Alertness.. twitchiness...need to be doing something.......Hmm


Alison said...

Yeah I kind of know the feeling, normally for me I've tended to hop on a plane and jump ship somewhere abroad cheap... The first time I did it I was 17 and ran off to France much to the shock of my parents!

David said...

I find most cities too much when I'm a bit 'tense'... especially London!

In fact I drove to Bath last night - that was hard enough!

Take care Dx