Friday, November 5, 2010

5th November - Firework

It all goes up with a bang.


All my lifes hopes, dreams, aspirations.



One loud crashing bang and its gone, forgotten a big expensive waste

and you can never dazzle and amaze again you are empty and useless

They tell you you can be re-used or perhaps recycled into loo-roll or such.
But can a firework ever be just loo roll??

They all step round you because they remember how you went off and you still look dangerous. One day soon after its died down you will be disposed of.


Mandy said...

I won't ever dispose of you. You are too important to me x

David said...

My goodness I identify with this!

But thank god what good counts in us is like an inextinguishable sparkler!

Take care my dear, dx