Friday, January 28, 2011

Things are ok- will be ok

Saw shrink

He says I am a little on the high side, but not in bad/dangerous way yet.

He was pleased I am going to start the meds but concerned that the Lamotrigine will take at least month to kick in and I may get suicidal again.

I told him I had planned to die on 8th, he said he knew

He said he didn't know what to do, but should have sectioned me he knows that now.

And so I am in quite a good place

Now if I can just tell my brain I need these meds may stand chance of actually taking them this time. They cant work when they're in the pack not your body you know. (if they work at all)

...and this is last chance saloon for meds having been on Lithium,Valproate,Quetiapine,Respiredone,Trifluperazine,Chlorpromazine,Haleperidol, Seroquel,Mirtazapine, Citalopram....blah blah.

-As for the ATOS thing it is still stressing me out, no reply but took 3 months last time. but when I receieve the letter of fail I will get a job as a human statue in Covent garden. I like silver paint :)


mags1234 said...

Psychiatrists make me laugh. I should have sectioned you, i knew what you were thinking. Just take the pills and if they don't work i will give you some more. That seems to be the answer and so long as you take them they will be happy. Being a statue in covent garden sounds good lol. xx

NOS said...

Sweetheart, if you've only been on those meds you've listed, well, you've got a ways to go before your at your "last chance." My god, I've been on more meds of more varieties than I can even name. Seriously, it's probably upwards of 40.

Anyway, I hope you take your meds as prescribed! And I hope they work!

Wishing you well,

sanabituranima said...


I hope it works.