Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well I just passed ESA apparently. Work related group

Well I have not heard from the DWP about my claim so rang today

Apparntly I just passed barely. I am due a letter

I have been put into work related activity group??

This is despite him not asking me any work questions and explaining that I just either wanted to be dead or didnt need to work as I was th one invincible person on earth

And despite CC attending.

I am still appealing the first decision to not be put in support group, which I'm guessing will now fail because of this decision.

I don't know I should be glad that I barely got the 15 points.

But I can't face anymore work related interviews and of course as I am on contribution based it means once they bring in the 12 month clause I will get nothing.

I guess it really isnt worth appealing as this is second time I have been placed in this group though last time I got 0 points. I will just have to find some kind of work. :-(


Bippidee said...

You don't have to find work because you are in the work related group. Virtually everyone seems to be put in the work related group. You just need to meet with someone once a month or something. I don't know how he thought he could carry out a full enough assessment based on what you said he asked though. x

La-reve said...

Well its not so simple.

I need to be in support group so that I can sty on it after 12 month deadline comes in

Secondly, It will give them fuel for my appeal that I should be in supprt group first time around, as two assesors so chance of suceeding now slim and the sizeable backpayment I would be due out window.

Thirdly, I can't attend those appointments if I cant get to my cmht for appointmets I wont be able to go to the IGNEUS work direction people. And be told I am too ill to work but they are going through motion as no job would accept me??? If I fail to attend I lose benefits all together.

Lucida said...

Hi LaReve,
Don't let this stop you putting in another appeal and persevering with the first one. Having a 'wrong' decision made a 2nd time really shouldn't make any difference. I don't know whether or not they can 'merge' the 2 into 1 appeal. It would seem sensible but then they are rarely sensible. I haven't come across this happening and I imagine it is quite rare. Work focused interviews are usually every 6 weeks and sometimes even then they are too much over capacity to call clients in regularly. You can always call them to get them postponed if you are too ill to attend. So long as they know, you shouldn't loose any benefits. They can't pressure you into taking any offers of work, nor even looking for a job so long as you are on any type of ESA. I know that doesn't make things any the less stressful.
The 12 month rule doesn't apply for at least another year (april 2012) and it hasn't yet gone through. There is alot of opposition to it, even amongst DWP workers.
Finally, I'd still try and hold out until you actually get the decision letter. DWP advisers are notoriously crap and often give you wrong information.
really, really sorry if you don't get the result that you deserve. You don't need the added stess right now. I hope you have someone to support you and go along to any appointments with you.
Thinking of you. x

mememe said...

I can't believe this, am so sorry you have this to deal with. Definitely appeal. The whole thing is a nightmare x