Saturday, January 8, 2011

What can I do?

What do you do

When you cry and cry but no tear come out
What do you do when you are so broken you can never be mended

What do you do when you have such fabulous friends that they rally for you, are concerned lose sleep get you help,...but it feels like help takes away your light at the end of such a dark tunnel, like being buried alive. is the last blow, though made in kindness.

I don't know what to do

3 options.


tried 2 out of 3

08.01.11 - You came, now what, its time, but the plans been diverted.

Happy Birthday me.


Bippidee said...

You can try the first two options again. Different medications, or different dosages may well help - your psych has suggested some different meds so you could give them a go. And if you need to go into hospital to keep you safe whilst the meds have a chance to kick in then that is an option - hopefully it would be a different experience to that which you had before now that you have spoken to your psych about it etc. And staff changes, wards change in how they are run - I know that when mycrazybipolarlife was in hospital recently she found it quite different to when she had been in before, even though it was the same ward. Your psych knows what he is doing, and he hasn't given up on meds yet, and there is likely to be something out there that will help you. It is just a case of finding it. Which I know doesn't feel like 'just' right now, but it has to be worth trying. Suicide is always, and always will be, an option, and nobody can take that away from you. They might be able to stop you short term, but nobody can be stopped from killing themselves long term if that is what they decide to do. But I really think you should see your psych on Monday and start taking the meds he suggested, and if you feel like you need to be in hospital to stay safe at the moment then agree to go in voluntarily - you can leave if you feel like it is going to be a bad experience. But 3 needs to be a last resort - you still have options with 1 and 2. Take care. xxxx

Karita said...

Just what Bip said really. I'm thinking of you, always happy to chat if it would help.


Cassie said...

I agree with Bip. Even though you have tried two of the three options, number 1 and 2 still have the potential to help.
Hang in there.

Take care,
Cassie x

David said...

Happy Birthday - it is a beautiful day for one - sunny and bright.

3 options? No, always more.

7)Smile (grimly)

Keep going. One day at a time. Suicide is pointless. You are strong enough to keep going.

Much love, D

mags1234 said...

It all seems like a never ending merry go round. The highs the lows never knowing where your mood will take you. If your psych thinks there is still medication that might help you then maybe give it a go. I'm sorry you are in such pain that you think suicide is the only option left. Please ask for help, there are people who care, you don't deserve to feel like this. Hugs xx

Nessa said...

Glad to see you posting today. Sorry you're feeling so bad.

NOS said...

Like everyone is saying-- you haven't exhausted the first two options yet. There are tons of meds out there. And the hospital can still help get you on your feet. I really hope you don't choose option three.

Wishing you well,

Anonymous said...

Been here before but not commented. you not posted reply after this date so you prob killed yourself, I hope so because I'm sick of this kind of whining on net and quite honestly if things that bad for you people then better to be dead. yes?

No cure for crazy women like you. better to rid world of your kind. And it is kinder for you as well!!!!!


Mandy said...


You are a nasty bastard saying that.

Maybe there is no cure and maybe life is damn hellish but encouraging someone to kill themselves, however twatted off you are by them, is pretty fucking sick.

If you don't like what you read then why do you come on here unless it is just to be the voice of the arse-end of Britain? (which you do a bloody good job of).

Whatever Lareve does or doesn't do...I sincerely hope she listens more to people like Bippidee before she makes up her mind and I hope she finds some hope and support out there

sanabituranima said...

J - you are a bully. Go away.
Larever, please listen to bippidee.

Indigo Rose said...

Only a coward would leave such a stupid comment like that and not be man enough to sign your name.

Ruby Tuesday said...

I am truly disgusted by that anonymous comment. You deserve better. I don't think it's whining and if writing here helps, then I'm all for it. You are a good person xx