Sunday, February 6, 2011

Went to A&E but still pressured.

I am back from visiting the hospital.

Not feelin good

Very panicked went out

Tried to cut that piece of skull out, but scalpel blunt only cut scalp.
bleeding, panicked after- rang crisis, line dead. Very panicked went out

had to ring focus line nhs direct and 192 to get switch board who put nme through. sorry spelling have taken clonaz earlier. and they sent me home with dose of diaz which is what made me more fuzzy.

Saw Doctor there she was concerned about my invincibility/suicidal mix and I didn't even tell her about 8th. left room for hour or so think tried to arrange assesment but not available. Tried to get me to go to ward voluntary, but it is the ward where I was abused and as much as I need calm and safety I couldn't agree.

They weren't happy me driving so mde me leave car and go home in taxi.(which they paid for)

Tommorow crisis will come round and if I'm ok they will take me back to pick up car. she did say she was writing to gp to say should have licenced removed which I think was harsh as I am perfectly fine to drive and benzo were taken much earlier in day.and not fuzzy until this diaz. I am very careful when I drive and never drive when feel tired etc.

Anyhow so crisis tommorow. She asked what I wanted to do with rest of night. I said go for walk. She said if I insisited on doing that would make me stay to be assessed tommorow. so I had to 'SAY' I wouldn't. She dosed me up on diaz to numb urges but 5mg pah.

And so back home with only a sore head didn't need stitches.

Signing off.

LR x

Note- crisis have rung and they said will ring me later. They're too busy to visit me today :-(. Apparently CC will be in touch this week for visit. Well she due one tues dont think I will hear anything until then if at all which is 8th so bit late. My car is stranded on rough street near hospital as no one drives to help me get it back. Can't face public transport, and crisis were supposed to be picking it with me. Why is it hospital or no support? Where is care in community. :-(


My Black Fog said...

Oh Hun I wished there was something I could do or say to help. Just know that I care and I'm thinking of you and hoping things get better soon((hugs))

sanabituranima said...

*hugs* I hope things dojn't stay this bad much longer. I hope the crisis team can help.

La-reve said...

My Black Fog. - Thanks I appreciate it

Sanabituranima- Crisis team not even rang. They cant and wont help me. I either go to hospital or go alone no halfway help here. Things spirling out of control I gess will end some way soon. x

waseen said...
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waseen said...

what crisis team are you under city or county

David said...

Just affection and the resr. Dx