Friday, February 11, 2011

shrink meeting and my care.

Last night I stayed at home safe in bed I took 6mg clonazepam I was well and trully knocked out for about 6 hours or so.

This morning I felt pretty chirpy and alert all things considered. I went to see prof. at 12:30 with a member from the crisis team.

Prof. (my shrink) wasn't particularly happy. In fact I have never seen a mental health worker so angry. The main thing was that he as RMO wasn't contacted about yesterdays assesment, or asked an opinion despite being the main person involved in my care (cc being so shit). He said had he been contacted the outcome would have been different. He said that it was ridiculous that they let me go, on the basis I appeared calm and ok for a 20 minute assesment. Had he been contacted he would have told the amhp, etc that
1) A person can sometimes maintian brief calmness (especially after 11 hours of being locked up.)
2)That I was intelligent and would clearly tell them I was fine and what they wanted to hear in order to get home, as I have now done this 10 times.
3) That due to rapid mood states a person can appear well and change rapidly through course of even one day.

He said they are supposed to look at whole history not tiny snaphot and given my risks, and behaviour and being caught on bridge(with note and scalpel- although not sure he knew this part)should never have been let go. Good job they didn't ring him I guess then.

Crisis person got a bit defensive he said well you need to take that up with psychiatrist and amhp (although in consiideration he was the only one is assesmnet who knows me fairly well). Prof said he will be taking it up but would rather talk to their bosses. He then went on to state how ridiculous and what a mess it all was. That it is not acceptable by a long shot. That if it was externally audited it would not be deemed adaquate.

He said thing is it keeps going on and will prob keep happening particualrly around 8th of months, although I expalined it doesn't need to be 8th anymore which concerned him. He said it will contine until one day soon I will get mix right and will be dead (or prove invincibility- ok he didnt say that bit but my brain did)
He said I was a high, and all over place. he asked crisis what they planned to do and he said he would just leave me open so I could ring and they talk to L my cc on monday. which I'm sure will be really useful.:-(

We discussed care plans, and the fact I dont actually have one or a crisis plan. So no-one knows what they are doing. I explained I had brought this up as had family but CC supposed to be sorting it out for me in sept and still hasn't. Just like she was supposed to bring me meds yesterday, but instead rang crisis yesterday saying 'if she wants them that badly she can come get them' This was an hour before closing when I was very confused and tired after assesment and wouldnt have drove, or even left house.

Anyhow he says he is going to complain about assesment and see things get sorted. He says my husband needs to be invoved and crisis supposed to call him and get him to monitor my med taking because I not been taking them regularly. He is going to see me next week and wants to see I am concordant and more stable.


simpleharmonicmuddle said...

I glad your shrink seems to have his head relatively screwed on compared to the others you're having to deal with.

intothesystem said...

I'm glad that Prof is angry. It sounds like he is the best person involved with your care and it makes a change for the shrink to be the useful one! Hopefully he will be able to get to the bottom of the crisis team and CC's inability to support you.

That said, I wonder why after thinking they should never have let you go yesterday, why he has let you stay at home since? Does he think you now will be safe until you see him again next week? I hope he does manage to get things sorted and that you will be able to stay safe and get more stable if you take your meds.

I am still worried about you, but I'm glad that at least one of your MH "professionals" seems to at least realise there is something to be worried about and maybe he will be able to do something in the meantime to get you more support.

Please stay safe and take care. xx

I hope

Seaneen said...

Thank fuck SOMEONE is finally complaining.

And I wonder the same as intothesystem...?